Workshop / Style Advice

During this workshop you can address all your fashion related questions and problems to a professionel stylist who will give you clothing advice and a whole lot of tips & tricks so that you never do any bad bargains again.

First, there will be a general summary of all the existing bodyshapes and -types. Afterwards, everyone's bodyshape will be analysed so that from now on you will know perfectly what works for you, and even more importantly, what not.

Everybody also brings a few clothes with him on which advice can be asked (how can I combine this?, does it fit my bodyshape?).

This workshop is an unforgettable experience and therefore the ideal activity for a bachelorette party/birthday party, for a fun and sociable ladies day/night with all of your friends or for a corporate event! And since women are not only into clothes but also into bubbles, this will also be taken care for! The duration of the workshop is 2 to 4h depending on the amount of people.