About me

I was born on January the 3rd in 1981 in Jakarta, Indonesia. However, I have been living in Belgium for almost all my life.

At the Universiy of Louvain, I studied Law in which I graduated in 2005. After working 2 years as a laywer, I wanted to give my life another direction.

Iíve always had a profound passion for fashion. Even when I was still a little girl, I loved to dress up and wear high heels.

It was that passion that inspired me to become a wardrobe stylist.

During my time as an assistent I had the privilege to work with some of Belgiumís best photographers and make-up artists.

During that time Ií ve also been introduced into the world of television and had the pleasure to experience the thrill of live television (ĎSteracteur, sterartiest).

Throughout those experiences my passion for clothes and styling only grew and now Iím ready to follow my own path. My style is mainly high fashion but I also do more commercial work and Iím always open to new and original ideas.

I get my inspiration from many different sources : of course, the latest magazines, but also music videos and the people around me inspire me.

In the end, my goal is to make the world more beautiful. Anyone who cares to join me on this journey, donít hesitate to contact me!